The problem is, that sign language has gotten stuck in our cultural mind, like a particularly virulent earworm. In 2006, a year before the iPhone’s debut, Jeff Han gave a TED Talk about multitouch gestures, demonstrating the use of them to manipulate photos and globes. Throughout, he described gestures as an “interfaceless” technology, a way to intuitively zoom in and out and rotate around images without a “magnifying glass tool.” This is, of course, nonsense. While touching something to get more info may be intuitive, every other gesture demonstrated is noteworthy for how NON-instinctive it is. Does pressing with one hand and dragging with another really intuitively represent rotation? Especially of a 3D object, like a globe?
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  2. absolutelyanythingyousay said: to answer the rhetorical questions, yes: intuitively, we achieve rotation by making an axis, and then creating motion around that axis. I see the point of the quote, but it cannot be argued that touch is actually LESS intuitive than the alternative
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