I work with and for developers who are used to developing server-side components. It drives me bananas when I mention something off-hand about iOS development and they look at me like I’m crazy. Or if I give out an estimate they think is ridiculous, I have to justify the time I will need to spend on such-and-such a feature.

Developing for iOS in a Server-Centric World (via Justin Miller)

I’ve written about this kind of thing a lot before, and I’d still love to write my own longer post with more background when I have more time, but for now I think it’s worth pointing out that I’m hearing more and more about this frustration from other iOS developers. I think my friend Harry Heyman, Foursquare’s VP of Engineering, said it well: “The disconnect between the expectations of web devs and the reality of mobile app development is the engineering challenge of our time.”

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