I’m interested in this world of niche businesses no one will really fund,” Cegłowski says. “[I] want to promote ideas that aren’t game changers and aren’t going to grow into a giant business but are a perfectly great business.

Meet the World’s Cheapest Venture Capitalist | Wired Business | Wired.com

I’ve long felt that the singular “either you’re a multi-billion dollar disruptive game changer or you’re nothing” model of investment in the tech industry really limits the kinds of things people can build, and I’ve often wondered if some kind of middle path based on smaller investments seeking less aggressive returns spread more evenly among many slower-growing businesses was possible. Like Ceglowski, I think there are a lot of highly capable people out there with good but not necessarily mega-disruptive ideas who could accomplish a hell of a lot with a relatively modest investment and a modicum of social capital.

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