On the other hand, in a time when the conventional economic system is working for fewer and fewer of us, when the presiding order of things is either discredited or wobbly as hell, the pragmatic and action-oriented brand of idealism you see in Wiliamsburg offers an attractive counter-model. It’s no wonder that this area has spawned popular online marketplaces like Etsy and Kickstarter, both of which have brought this new ethos to millions of people who don’t happen to live in Brooklyn. Perhaps more of us can live more creative, fulfilling lives through more independence from traditional jobs. Perhaps we do crave more direct connection to our food and other goods, and are willing to pay more for them when we can see where the money goes. And perhaps this is precisely the route that kindles the most vibrant and meaningful communities.

Working for the Love of It in Williamsburg, NYC | The Originals

Nice post by my old SF friend, Get Satisfaction co-founder Thor Muller, about the Fall he spent in New York. Snark about hipsters aside, this is exactly why I like living in Brooklyn.

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